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Join the platform that combines tech and logistics to rapidly improve your delivery capacity and customer experience.


Setting the Pace for e-Commerce Delivery

GPS Based Delivery Service

We take your location once so we never have to ask again. After all, it's 2022.

Same and Next Day Delivery

You get to choose whether you want the delivery done now, today or another day.

More Visibility and Revenue

Cash and Mobile Money Collection

Choose Your Delivery Window

Complete Visibility and Live Updates

Deliver That Package, Right On Time

In recent times, everyone expects faster, less stressful delivery and fulfillment with a seamless experience.

Grow your business and meet your customer's ever increasing expectations through our variety of features and services customised and tailored to suit your specific business needs.

Our team and technology optmize optimisation in a way that increases efficiency and saves cost. Depending on your delivery needs and budget, we will match your order with the best-suited delivery agent and courier your parcel at the lowest cost.


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Solutions for Businesses

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